Angela’s Anecdotes – #2

Angela’s Anecdotes – #2

What happens when food becomes fashion? I’m not saying it’s fashionable to wear your lunch literally or don the banana hat, I’m saying skirts and dresses – kitschy or cute – are making their appearance in true sugary fashion.

Got a sweet tooth? Then zip up the Marshmallow tube skirt . Or if you have a fruit tooth, then why not the printed watermelon dress? I personally think, albeit short lived, this fad is funny and would be entertaining for Island or beach wear. But I’m not convinced heading to a business meeting wrapped up deliciously, would go over well…. Unless you work for the distributors of such said delectables.

Of course if you’re in NYC, then maybe these fun quirky looks – pared with a professional solid blazer and color coded heels, may gain acceptance (like the man in the chocolate (colored) pants walking down the street). After all, NYC is the fashion capital of the world and where ultimately all cheeky ideas are born. Just please don’t break out the dangling watermelon earrings! That would take you from tasty to tacky (and that’s another story).

So while we spin our ever fashion forward ideas from patterns to public consumption, lets not get carried away when we’re hungry. Have a snack before you start sketching. I don’t want to find the next big trend is a gram cracker blazer. Bon Appét-sweet!


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