Climb every {NH 4,000+ footer} Mountain

Mount Eisenhower

On Saturday we decided to hike Mount Eisenhower (4780 ft), located along New Hampshire’s southern Presidential Range. It was perfect fall weather (in the parking lot) and the snow capped peaks of Mt. Washington and the southern Presidential Range looked pristine against the blue sky. While we knew the summit would pretty much be covered in snow, I completely forgot to pack crampons. So with just ski poles and hiking boots (and the right wind and warm layers), we made our way along the snow lined path. While we had to maneuver around some (well, quite a few) icy patches, the people we passed coming down did say the summit was ice free. Once above tree line and two hundred feet from the summit, the winds gusted between 35 – 40 MPH.

As I watched a couple descend the final rocky pitch the led to the summit, I asked them if the summit was a rocky cliff or ledge (or had huge cravases pitching off the boulders, ran through my mind). They assured me it was a flat open space (so my paralyzing fear of heights were laid to rest just a wee bit), but the wind was blowing close to 40 MPH. Got it. As I looked at the last 100 yards or so, I wondered if I would make it. The actual summit always seemed to be out of view. But there was no turning back now. Bagging any peak above tree line, I know will always be a huge challenge for me, so to come this far, I had to make it. And I did.

I highly recommend this hike and rate it as being fairly easy that affords you amazing 360* views. Just do it in the summer, if you’re not a windy-snowy-icy-better-wear-crampons kind of person.

Mount Eisenhower’s snow covered summit 10.13.12

Hot Cider and a Cupcake Treat

Apple Spice Cupcake

This has to be my favorite fall treat. After a day outdoors, nothing beats the call of hot apple cider – fresh off the press, literally. At White Mountain Cider Co. in Bartlett, NH, apples are pressed in an outdoor barn for all to see. From press to bottle to shelf – in the same day – it doesn’t get any better than this. I have yet to find a place that tops White Mountain Cider Co. as far as hot apple cider goes. The fresh, strong apple flavor is not overpowered by huge amounts of mulling spices, which makes this place, well let’s just say, genius. And their baked goodies are a must try. Normally the apple cider donuts rule, but I decided on an apple spice cupcake instead. Filled with a little apple cinnamon type jam – well, it was gone in about five seconds.

Fresh apple cider – this way!

Cider press

Best apple cider ever. Cupcake? What cupcake…

A Fun Fall Inspired List

What’s not to love about the Fall season? I’m always inspired this time of year to try new projects that will carry over into the coming colder months. Here is my list of things I’m excited to try when cold days call for warm cider and beautiful foliage gets me hiking again.

• Make homemade mulled Cider.
• DIY: Apple-cinnamon candles for the house.
• Visit a new farm for a fall fest.
• Take fall foliage pictures in a new town.
• Discover new mountain bike paths.
• Create a new pumpkin dish.
• Try a new shade of coral lipstick.
• Hike two more 4,000 footers in NH’s White Mountains.

Whale Watching

When out in the open ocean, it’s really amazing to see these creatures come out of the water. We had a great Captain who took the boat as close as he could every time a Whale was spotted. The crew knew the names, routines and migration patterns of the few we saw. It really was fascinating to witness their feeding habits. With a crowded boat in constant motion, we were still able to come away with some incredible shots and a better understanding of why these creatures need to be protected.  

 Where: Off the tip of Cape Cod, MA
 Photos: Tim Hastings

RI part 4: Newport & Trip Highlights ~Through the Looking {Sun} Glasses ~

Sitting Pretty

 Here is a collection of trip photos that the lens captured in the moment. From sweet surprises to magical memories, between serene scenes and delightful dining, hope these highlights ignite your spark of inspiration.

Rainbow Reflection

Secret Garden

Funny Friends

BRAHMIN Beauties

Dining Delight

Sweet Dreams

Bridge Stars

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