Dear Modelina,


Miss Modelina

Miss Modelina

There is a lot going on here, so you were worthy of a mention, an honorable mention so to speak. While I love the fact that you’re embracing this season’s hot tangerine color in the form of a great maxi, I’m a bit amused as to the pairing of your clutch. Now I’ve seen hot tangerine colors tango with the almighty pink, so I give you kudos for your dare-to-pair clutch choice. But (insert a giggle here) I have to wonder if your ever so bold motive was not about the maxi pairing, but rather about matching the hot pink brassiere straps (showing quite pointedly), to your clutch. Rather a confident move, wouldn’t you say? If today was your daring day, I have to say, the old black flip flops (which I had to keep hidden – they were too horrible) missed the boat. Pink flips would’ve perfected the peeping outfit. I’m still speechless, Miss Modelina.



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