Twelve Days, Twelve Shoes, One Girl.

Twelve Days, Twelve Shoes, One Girl



Here are my June picks for twelve days of stepping lively. It’s a warmer month, and sizzling colors are making their début. From bright yellows to hot pinks, nothing is off limits. Shoes have become an art form in many ways and this month my sole inspirations came from cool prints and hot hues found it everything from maxi dresses to ‘caviar’ manicures. If there is one pair you’d want to add to your collection, what would it be?

Twelve Days, Twelve Shoes, One Girl

12 Days, 12 Shoes, 1 Girl

As most women, I’m infatuated with shoes. So, I decided to pick 12 outrageous styles that given the opportunity, I’d wear twelve days in a row. Here are my enthusiastic picks for twelve days of vibrant and vivacious happiness.
And I don’t think there is a better quote out there summing up how we quite possibly treat our shoe collection. “The look he shot her was incredulous in the extreme. “You have a filing system for your shoes?” – Nora Wilson, Guarding Suzannah

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